Game of Leaks:Hacker denied the offer of $250,000 from HBO

Earlier the hacker threatened to leak the script of GOT season 7 episode 5 now he is asking in millions from the HBO.
As mentioned via some resources, the hackers have dispatched them a screenshots of an electronic mail which was dispatched by using HBO with a “bug bounty payment” provide well worth $250,000.

The language of HBO govt is really worth nothing right here, who attempted to keep away from framing the email as a compromise offer. Instead, it changed into presented as a reward to a white hat hacker for locating flaws in HBO’s machine.

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“As a display of properly faith on our side, we are willing to commit to making a computer virus bounty charge of $250,000 to you as quickly as we are able to set up the necessary account and collect Bitcoin,” the government said.
As per the email, the community analyzed the content given that July 23 and asked the hackers to extend the cut-off date for one week.

If we take into account the demand of “six months income” made within the video letter by using hackers, the sum of $250,000 is pretty less. To position matters into context, allow me let you know that the hackers claimed to make $12 million to $15 million according to 12 months.

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