Game of Leaks: GOT Season 7 Episode 5 Script Leaked!

Last week HBO’s hack that turned into chargeable for the leak of unreleased episodes and scripts of television shows like game of Thrones Season 7, the HBO hackers threatened to leak more information and unaired content. The hackers additionally leaked the got Season 7 Episode 5 script to the media,taking into the mind,hacker has leaked the personal contacts of GOT actors.

Now, it looks like game of Thrones Season 7 Episode five ‘Eastwatch’ script has leaked online in the form 20 pages PDF document. The leaked script is titled “CONFIDENTIAL,” much like preceding leaks. It also bears the “HBO Leak” and “HBO is Falling” watermark.

The leaked script of episode five also mentions that it’s a initial define for planning purpose. But, contemplating the similarities among the got S07E04 episode and previously leaked script.

The heavily discussed Reddit thread additionally includes some records on the imminent game of Thrones Season 7 Episode six and seven.We do not want to share the link just because of copyright issue.

The following episode of Thrones Season 7 episode will air on this Sunday on HBO. Permit’s wish that HBO won’t be dealing with some other setback much like the entire leak of Episode four. however, in keeping with the stats, leaks haven’t affected got rankings and viewership.

Hopefully this issue will resolve.Stay tuned we will keep updating you.

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