Facebook and Twitter Accounts of HBO GOT Hacked AGAIN


OurMine is behind all these hacks. Self-Proclaimed
“Testers” is also behind the hacks social media
accounts of Marvel, Google, and Netflix.
Message posted by OurMine on twitter and facebook is :

“ Hi, OurَMiَne are here, we are just testing
your security, HBO team please contact us to upgrade
the security – ourmine .org -> Contact.”

OurMine was also able to take control of Twitter account of Game
of Thrones. However, HBO was quick to remove the traces and take
back the control, according to Variety.
HBO was quick to recover all these accounts and removed all
tweets and posts posted by hackers.

There are also thin changes this social media hack could be
coordinated with the ongoing Game of Thrones Season 7 leak and
HBO hack.

HBO is dealing a lot with these hack attack? WHAT ARE YOUR
THOUGHTS? How do you think HBO will deal with them.

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