Facebook Messenger Virus is Destroying Data of Window,Linux,OS Users


The badly renowned worldwide digital crooks are known for experimenting with new assault vectors to assault and astonishment the clueless web clients. Nowadays, they are utilizing Facebook Messenger as a methods for tricking the clients into going to counterfeit variants of well known sites. It’s turning into a lucrative methods for spreading a malware by means of Facebook is simple; you go about as a nectar pot when your companions tap on malignant connections.

The latest danger revealed by the security analysts at Kaspersky is a multi-stage malware that utilizations bunches of areas to piece following and finish its employment of influencing individuals to tap on the connections.

Image: Kaspersky

While the malware at first spreads by means of Messenger, the genuine component of spreading is as yet obscure as the exploration is progressing. Notwithstanding, it’s clear that the malware utilizes the prevalent social designing strategy. You may get a message that peruses “<your name> Video,” joined by a bit(dot)ly connect.

When you’ll tap the Messenger Malware connect, you’ll be taken to a Google Doc page. The new page will as of now have your photo, which is taken from your Facebook, making you less suspecting. The greeting page will resemble a playable motion picture. In the event that you wind up tapping on the phony motion picture, you’ll be diverted to various sites which accumulate data with respect to your OS, program, and so on.

You may contend that such assaults aren’t new. However, what sets this Messenger malware separated is its capacity to offer diverse points of arrival by changing the User-Agent header. It’s known as an area chain.

For instance, on the off chance that you’ll utilize Firefox, you’ll be taken to a page showing Fake Flash refresh see and diverse Windows executables, which are essentially adware. In the event of Chrome, you’ll be taken to a phony YouTube page with a popup for downloading a vindictive expansion.