Configure Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin With Ease []


Here I am providing you guys with Yoast SEO Setting [zip file] just import it and there you go!

There are numerous plugins to be had on WordPress plugins repository however I rank Yoast SEO the fine unfastened SEO plugin inside the marketplace. This can be very formidable stance of asserting it no. 1 but yes, Yoast has ruled the marketplace for its lightweight, smooth to apply and complete settings.

Yoast search engine optimization can do anything a expert seo professional can do.It comes OnPage search engine optimization. It could do all of the stuff wished for a internet site to make it engines like google pleasant or say Google friendly.

I am going to share [] for yoast. Just import it in your site.

1. Installation

Yoast SEO WordPress plugin can be installed like other plugins.

Go to

1.1 Plugins
1.2 Add New
1.3 Yoast SEO
1.4 Install and activate Yoast SEO Plugin

or download directly from here.

2.Download Setting

Now download Yoast SEO setting and import it in your plugin.

Download Yoast SEO Setting

Remember you need to have it in .zip file so you can upload it.

3.Importing The Setting

Go to Yoast SEO Settings Page > Tools > Import > Choose File (Select file you just downloaded) > Import Settings.


Go to this URL: yourwordpresswebsite/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wpseo_tools&tool=import-export

If you face any problem then do let me know.