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Best Programming Language of 2017

Python is a prominent programming dialect that is being embraced at a quick pace. It's cherished to a great extent because of its more...

GOT Season 7 Episode 7 “The Dragon and the Wolf” has been Leaked!

You more likely than not heard the maxim "there is a code of respect among cheats" Mr.Smith Group, the programmers who hacked into HBO...

What is this ‘Sarahah’ app and How to use this viral app ?

What is Sarahah App? In Arabic dialect, Sarahah implies genuineness. a good deal similar to its name proposes, Sarahah is supposed to get "genuine input...

Ex-Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Sued By Early Investor For Doing Fraud

California challenge capital organization named Benchmark Capital invested $11 million in a promising more youthful startup known as UberCab. Reference to Benchmark Capital is...

Google-Doodle is celebrating Hip-Hop Anniversary

Google is celebrating the history of hip hop with — what else — a significantly cool Google Doodle. The interactive Doodle commemorates the 44th anniversary...

Game of Leaks: GOT Season 7 Episode 5 Script Leaked!

Last week HBO's hack that turned into chargeable for the leak of unreleased episodes and scripts of television shows like game of Thrones Season...

Game of Leaks: Personal Contacts of GOT stars have been leaked!

Last week HBO was hacked,the hacker threatened to leak the game of throne season 7 episodes and other TV shows.Hackers claimed that they will...