Apple’s first phone was launched in 2007 exactly ten years ago.It was the beginning of the new era of designs,networking and socializing.

In the upcoming months Apple is going to launch it’s iPhone 8.Apple will launch the world’s first Augmented Reality phone.In the Apple’s developer meeting,the announcement of ARkit was the future of the world.

But what is exactly AR? It’s the hottest technology in the world now it dissconnets a person from the world and displays the 3D Images making it as he is inside the 3D virtual world.As well as Apple’s powerful App developer marketplace is going to give world most of the app related to AR easily.


And then there’s Tim Cook.

The Apple CEO said to the Washington Post that he thinks that AR is the core technology for the next generation.So that’s why we are doing something.He further added iPhone could provide the basis for a full-blown AR solution.

AR will change the world’s view it will explode in the every field of life like travel, shopping, music, movies,fashion.

If you are a developer and did not think about developing something related to AR so this is the time.

Image Source:Reality.News

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